Realize Appreciate Expand

Judge not! What is is the way it really is. These two fundamentals for success were disregarded very early on. Adam and Eve had the whole world. (See Genesis of the Negative post of 4/23) Literally! The whole world including an apparently appealing tree to look at and admire. They judged “not enough”. They judged not good enough. They judged. Simple as that. They judged. They judged. Observation is power, judgment is weakness.

It is your perceived evils, your “not goods”, that define your life. You either live in the abundant infinity of the universe or with the confines of the life defined by your negatives. DISCLAIMER: not likely that you will ever be totally free of perceived negatives. Not in this lifetime anyway. You can however more and more cast aside your ego perceptions.

Your nots define your life. Definitions are always about limits. Definitions set the boundary between is and isn’t. The definition of an automobile establishes the limits of an automobile. Everything that falls within the definition is a car and everything that falls outside of that definition is not. Pretty simple. Definitions are limits. Your nots limit and therefore establish the boundaries of your life.

Your nots establish the boundaries or limits of your life. The cool and nutty and totally senseless thing is that your nots are all a matter of perception. They are all a matter of consciousness and focus. And as such can be discarded. You are totally free to turn them off. Poof, gone. Cast down and discarded. They are not like genetics or inescapable laws of physics. The law is actually on your side. Existence and only existence exists. The universe is the totality of is. The universe comprises all that is and all that is constitutes the universe. What is is what really is.

What is is what really is. Including your thoughts of isn’t. They exist as thoughts ONLY and as such are out of sync with the is and gum up the works. Life and the universe is one multidimensional tapestry of is-ness. Thoughts of isn’t are out of sync with that matrix and so do not fit.

Success is getting it right. What really is? What is is what really is. Your thoughts of isn’t are out of phase with reality and are of no effect. You know that negativity is a poisonous destructive force.

What is is the way it really is. Observation is power. Appreciation is flow. Judgment is weakness.

Live. laugh, create, give, enjoy and rejoice. Realize, appreciate, experience, expand.

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