Genesis of the Negative

If you want to truly understand something, it is best to start at the beginning. At the root, the base, the foundation. So whether you consider it history or allegory, that beginning would be Adam and Eve in the garden. And the beginning of life as we currently know it would then be the fall resulting from eating the “apple”. Or more accurately the fruit of “the tree of the knowledge of good and evil”.
The tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

These words, these concepts, good and evil are paired together, seemingly on opposite sides of the same coin. And yet today we think of and use these two words in such a way as to limit our understanding of the truth concerning the knowledge of good and evil. One of these words we use so very commonly and profusely. “Good”. We say it of food. This tastes good. That looks good. Children. We call well behaved children good. Good boy. Good girl. Or when a child accomplishes something or completes a task we call them good. Then there is a good night sleep and a good time. Good friends. Good neighbors. Good golfers, poker players, baseball pitchers. Movies, photographs, paintings.

“Good” is a word that we can and do apply multiple times and in a wide variety of situations every single day. And then there is “evil”. People tend to hold that word in reserve for extreme cases. They know lots of good people and have had lots of good pie but would only apply evil to a handful of long gone historical figures and never to apiece of pie.

Jesus said not to worry about tomorrow’s evils because there are enough to worry about today. Obviously He was not limiting evil to mass murderers and the like but was referring to something a lot more mundane. So let’s take a look at that tree. That tree of the knowledge of good and….. Good and…… Good and the alternative! Right? The tree of the knowledge of good and the alternative. So what is the alternative to good?   Not good. Right? No other choice. The alternative to, the opposite of, good is not good.

The tree of the knowledge of good and not good. We’re almost there. We just need to understand the nature of this “not good”. And what about “knowledge of”? To be familiar with. To be acquainted with. Why would anyone want to be acquainted with “not good”?   Why would anyone want to be on intimate terms with “not good”?

The fact of the matter is that God did not want them to know this. He warned them. He forbade them. The actually warning is that it would bring death. This wasn’t even a punishment, but a warning of the natural consequences. It would be like warning someone not to ingest cyanide because it would bring death. If they disregard you and died, you were not punishing them they were just getting the natural consequences that you warned them about.

Good and not good. God looked at everything that He created and pronounced it good. So what is this “not good”? As in the knowledge of good and not good. So what was that first sin? Adam and Eve’s sin? To say that they disobeyed God doesn’t say a lot because that is the definition of sin. There sin involved thinking that there was something that they did not have. That would be the only reason for them to make the effort to rebel against God. They had it all. They had the world and yet they thought there was something that they did not have.

What was the consequence of their sin? The very first, immediate consequence. Their new knowledge of “evil”. Did they see murder? Rape? Pillaging? No! That would all come later. What they became aware of, or knew, was not having clothes. (And women have been saying they don’t have a thing to wear ever since.)

This is the key to understanding the knowledge of good and evil. Their first knowing after their sin was of nonexistence. The nonexistence of clothes. They became aware of nonexistence. The nonexistence of clothes.

Good and evil. Good and not good. Value and nonvalue.   Adam and Eve became aware of nonvalue. It’s not that it existed. They began to experience what did not exist. God only created value. There was no nonvalue in Him and creating nonvalue was not, is not in His nature. It is an utter impossibility for God to create nonvalue. It would go against His nature. For Him to create nonvalue would be for Him to be notGod. People can be aware of nonvalue. People can obsess over and fret about nonvalue. However, it simply does not exist.

Nonexistence, that is, non value, does not and indeed cannot exist, but can only be perceived. And is it perceived! People are becoming more and more focused on and obsessed with darkness and the struggle against it. Which does not work.

It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness. Success and prosperity are a function of identifying the truth and aligning one’s thoughts, emotions and actions with the truth. Accepting false for true is the recipe for failure. It is crucial to know the difference between true and false.   You had better understand the very nature of truth. Everything depends on it.

What is is the way it really is. Observation is power. Judgment is weakness.

Live, love, create. give, appreciate, enjoy, rejoice. An apple a day may well keep the doctor away.

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