Want a bigger life? More of what is? More wealth? More health, energy and vitality? Bigger and better relationships? Then realize more. If you want to experience more, then realize more into your experience.

How to do that? Be grateful for more. Be more grateful. Everything that you want is already here. Wealth. Health and vitality, Relationships. Beauty. And more. BE GRATEFUL. Appreciate.

The more grateful you are, the more you will appreciate. The more you appreciate, the more stuff becomes real. It becomes realized. It becomes part of your experience. Your experience of the good stuff expands. You were wealthy and you then become wealthier. You had vitality and energy and now you are more vibrantly healthy and alive.

Be grateful. For every penny in your pocket. For every leaf on every tree. For all those in your life. Go on, get on it. Do not wait. There is only now.

Live, love, appreciate, realize, enjoy, rejoice.

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