Love and Taxes

Our two choices at all times is love, expansion and life or hate, contraction and death (figurative then literal). A society is a dynamic interplay of these two forces. Any society that indulges in the dark side is in trouble and will face hardship, decline and eventual collapse. Love, giving and expansion? Or hate, taking and contraction?

The vast majority of people who would like to gain wealth actually hate the rich. A tough position to be in. A totally ridiculous proposition. These same people will strenuously deny that they hate anybody. Well it does not get any more hateful than to want to take/tax away other people’s stuff or money. If you are insisting that others’ money be forcibly taken from them, then you are most definitely in hate rather than love. No two ways about it. It does not get much more hateful than to insist that another’s money be forced from them. Theft is so very obviously hate rather than love.

Wanting to have more wealth while wanting other people’s to be taken from them is the height of hypocrisy and being at war with oneself. And you delude yourself if you think that turning other people’s money over to folks is love. It is giving of yourself and yours that is love.

Why is there so much struggle and wide-spread hardship? Because there has been a progressively increasing hatred of the rich, of wealth and of success. People want success while they vilify the successful and demand that the fruit of their success be taken from them. Good luck with that. People have anti-wealth, anti-success and anti-business attitudes then those same people wonder why they have trouble attracting money and provision. Folks want to become rich while thinking that the rich are evil? Go figure!

Love is not an emotion. Love is a concern for the interests and wellbeing of the loved one. It is a way of relating to another. It is giving of one’s self, time, energy and resources. There is nothing at all loving about wanting to take away somebody’s money by force or the threat of force. NOTHING! Taking others’ money or stuff by force or the threat of force is the opposite of love. It is about as hateful as it gets.

A nation driven by hate and dependent on theft is doomed. The current dominant political mind is very hateful and antagonistic toward wealth, the successful and the prosperity machines known as corporations. This political mindset can only produce policies and programs that impede prosperity, destroy wealth and intensify the experience of poverty, lack and hardship.
If the people of this country want prosperity and success, if they want to be able to feed their children, they need to reverse the trend and start honoring, respecting and celebrating wealth and the wealthy, success and the successful, prosperity and the prosperous. Leave the jealousy, envy, resentment and bitterness behind.

What we need is an orgy of love, appreciation and gratitude for the titans of productivity and creation who propel our world forward and from whom we should take inspiration.
But, but, but…. No! It is that simple. Stop being manipulated by those who exploit your fears and lower impulses to gain power. It is that simple. Love or hate. Appreciation and gratitude or envy and fear. Moving in this direction creates what would seem to be miracles. Let’s go for it.

Einstein said that you cannot solve a problem with the same level of thinking that created the problem. It is a time for a paradigm shift. A totally new way of life, love, appreciation and gratitude.

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