Was Einstein Wrong or Was It Rita ?

In this case probably not. There is no evidence that he ever said it. You been had. You’ve heard it a hundred times. Einstein said (oh yeah?) that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Never quite rang true to me. How could Einstein be so wrong? And nobody ever offers a citation, just Einstein said. The first known appearance in print is in Rita Mae Brown’s novel Sudden Death. You got it wrong, Rita. Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results is certainly foolish. Insanity is a whole nother thing.
Seeing things that aren’t really there. Hearing voices that aren’t. Thinking that people are thinking, doing saying things concerning you when they aren’t. These are crazy. Seeing little green men that aren’t really there equals nuts. Taking the perceived nonexistence for reality. Nuts.
Taking the perceived isn’t for is is at best nonproductive, nonconductive to health, happiness and success. It can be dangerous. The man who sees little green men that aren’t really there and then goes afer them with a gun is a menace to others and himself. There will be no green interplanetary invaders to stop his ammunition. Getting absorbed with your images of the nonexistent is is a waste of time, attention, energy, effort, in short, it is a waste of life.
A new paradigm: Allowing the is rather than fretting over and fighting the isn’t. Realizing, appreciating, nurturing, allowing, giving thanks for the value that is. Rather than cursing and fighting the darkness. See a little green man. Laugh it off and have a refreshing drink.
We have become a nation obsessed with little green man. Problems of nonexistence growing exponentially. Not having, having not. Have nots. Everywhere. More and more. We must wipe out not having and until we do we must fret and moan over it. Talk about it endlessly. Our only hope is to spend trillions of dollars and marshal all our resources to destroy the nonexistence of having.
Or we could realize and appreciate wealth. We could allow wealth. Yes. Allow it to be and grow and do its thing. Rather than war against wealth and the wealthy. As long as we continue to was against not having, the nonexistence of having, we will have an ever growing experience of having. The more you resist or struggle against the not, the greater you experience of that not. It has no life other than what you give it with your attention and energy.
It is far better to celebrate wealth rather than to curse the perceived nonexistence of wealth. It is better to create one penny of value than to curse poverty. As darkness does not exist neither does poverty. Poverty is the perceived nonexistence of wealth. Poverty is an avatar of darkness which is the perceived relative nonexistence of wealth. All nonexistence is a product of the ego. Only existence exists. There is only is in the universe. The universe is all that is and all that is is the universe. There is no isn’t in the universe. No room in the big ol’ mighty infinite universe for one eensy bit of nothing. Whole galaxies are welcome but not one bit of not. Not only exists in the human mind.
What is is the way it really is. Observation is power. Judgment is weakness. Appreciation is born of observation. Growth is born of appreciation. The negative is the product of judgment. The negative mindset has nothing to give resulting in stagnation, failure, decline and, little by little, death.
Observe, appreciate, love, live, create, give, smile, laugh, grow. Sync with the infinite abundance of the great is that is the universe. Get in sync. Cast down your ego images of nothingness. And laugh.

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