God is and He is God of the is and not the isn’t. The isn’t is a creation of your ego. What is the universe? The universe is all that is. And all that is is the universe. That includes everything. Everything from the Milky Way to the speck of dust now settling on your nose. It includes everything. But that everything has no room for nothing. That everything has no room for the isn’t. There is no room in the is for the isn’t. There is no room in the universe for the isn’t, the negative.

And you worry about the isn’t all the time. You worry about isn’t enough money, isn’t going to work, isn’t a job, aren’t going to get through something. You worship politicians who want to take your money and borrow trillions more to throw at a whole gamut of nots. People not having this, that or the other thing. You are willing to bankrupt the nation and destroy your future and your children’s future to solve/destroy some ego imagined not. And it’s all BS. There is only is. NO more whining. No more pity parties. No more demanding that the isn’t be taken care of.

Realize, appreciate and be grateful. Realization. Appreciation. Gratitude. And then ramp it up to the nth degree. There is only light. NO more cursing the darkness. No more whining about the darkness in your life or in anybody else’s. No encouraging, enabling, perpetuating darkness consciousness.

We live in the most whiny-ass culture that ever existed. The most blessed and the whiniest. Turn away from the darkness of your ego’s shadow. You are standing in the brilliant sunshine. Turn toward the light. Realize the light. Ignore the shadow. It is nothing. And yet you fret over it and fear it. You demand that the government spend trillions and your children’s future wiping out the shadow.


Want to be rich? Then be it. Now. Want to be healthy? Then be it NOW. Want to be strong? Then be it NOW NOW NOW NOW. Want to experience love? Then love now. Love now.

If you aren’t want you want to be now, you will never be it. There is only now. There are only two times: now and not now. All future and all past fall under “not now”. And the nonexistence of now does not exist. So there is only now. Light and only light exists. There is no darkness. Realize and appreciate the light. Fact is even if you were closed in a vault, there would be light. What? Yes. The human body actually emits light in the visible spectrum although at very low levels. Pretty amazing. Can’t get away from light. You actually carry your own supply.

Want to be rich. You are. Realize it. Appreciate it. Revel in it. Every waking moment. Be conscious of it. Build on it. Stop hating the rich. Because that is a sure way to get out of sync with the abundance of the universe. Stop hating the rich because that hatred is a hallmark of poverty and lack consciousness. But you don’t hate anybody. It doesn’t get much more hateful than demanding somebody’s money be forcibly taken from him. There is nothing more poverty conscious than to say you can’t make it lest somebody else’s money be taken from them for your benefit. This is the rotten benighted establishment’s way.

If you want wealth then realize that you are already wealthy. You have. You have. You have. Stuff, money, ability, strength, talent, opportunity, life and breath. Let what you want emerge. Let it grow and expand. But first you have to acknowledge that it is already there. The more that you realize it, the more that you appreciate it, the more that you acknowledge it, the more that you use and develop it, the more prominent and obvious it will be. It is there, it can’t be isn’t.

The world and life are more glorious than you can imagine. Yet you have bought in to the hardship, lack and struggle culture. You suck up what the media tells you. They keep you coming back for more because the stress and drama that they so freely dispense are an addictive drug that keeps you coming back. Which allows them to sell their time. Then there are the politicians whose stock in trade is misfortune, hardship and poverty. That gets you hooked on them and they receive your devotion and support. Perpetuating the consciousness of misfortune, hardship and poverty. That is, perpetuating the negativity mindset. Which of course keeps people down. But, hey, it certainly enriches the pols.

Choose now. darkness or LIGHT? poverty or WEALTH? weakness or STRENGTH? sickness or VITALITY? walking death or LIFE?

BE. DO. HAVE. Live, love, love, love, give, create, encourage, laugh, smile, enjoy, appreciate.


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