OS.pos or OS.neg

Your thoughts are a very complex dynamic combination of the is and the isn’t. Power and poison. Positive and negative. Real and unreal. Power and poison. Lift and drag. The is, the positive, is lift. The isn’t, perceptions of nonexistence, are out of sync with the isness of the universe and therefore necessarily out of sync with reality. If something is out of sync with universe, is in opposition to the sphere in which you operate, it is in appropriate to the arena in which you are playing. Imagine trying to play tennis dressed in the gear of a hockey goalie. Ain’t gonna work. No way, no how. As appropriate as that get up is for the hockey rink it is absolutely out of alignment with the reality of the tennis court.

The is is appropriate to the arena of the Great IS in which we live and operate. It is the only place in which we can or do operate. Whether we are on the hockey rink, tennis court, board room, mall or kitchen. Whether personal relationships or business.

Does this give you a sense as to why being positive is so much more conducive to success and happiness than being negative? A positive attitude is an operating system that is in sync with reality and the universe. The negative is all about the not. Which by its very definition is out of sync with the entire universe, the totality of the is. The universe is all that is and all that is is the universe. Your perceptions of the negative do not mesh with the is. They are just your ego’s creation to reconcile its expectations with the way things really are.

What is is the way it really is. If you want to expand your experience of the is (wealth, abundance, provision, beauty, health, vitality, strength, happiness, joy, well-being, love, etc.), then your mission is to starve the negative that is resident within your consciousness. Deprive it of attention. Ignore it. Turn away from it. Scoff at it. Cast it down. Judge not.

The negative is a result of your judgments. You judge and then your life and experiences are filtered through those judgments. Judge not lest you be judged. Judge not lest you live a life filtered by those judgments.

What is is the way it really is. Without your judgments added. Independent of your opinions. And you do have judgments about everything. When people say they are nonjudgmental what they usually mean is that they don’t judge behavior that they have already judged to be acceptable! All else is fair game.

What is is the way it really is. Observation is power. Judgment is weakness,

Observe, appreciate, be grateful, live, create, give, love, breathe, relax, rejoice, enjoy. Smile and laugh because it truly is all good. Except for your negative thoughts.

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