Cake Goop

Did you ever make a cake? You mix all the ingredients in a bowl and arrive at something called a batter. Did it ever occur to you to stop there? Did you look at the cake goop, take a taste and declare “this is not a cake’. Then throw it into the trash? Not likely. One would have to be pretty silly to do that. Really, really, really silly. Absolutely daft. But is that your approach to much of your life?

Some months ago I was working on a canvas. Late one night I finished a section and went to bed rather pleased. Yes, quite pleased. Next morning I decided that as wonderful as it was, it had no place in that painting. Ugh! All wrong. Absolutely wrong. Wonderful but out of place. What to do. It was ruined. Because of the technique I had developed it would be too difficult to remove or work on top of it. CAKE GOOP! Just throw out the cake goop.

No I decided to painstakingly (hate that word) and patiently cover the mistake. Became a little impatient and started to change how I was doing it. It wasn’t long before I created something astonishing and way beyond anything I had done before. I had a new technique. One that I only achieved as a result of my “mistake”. One that I arrived at by just moving forward. And actually that is the story of my art. Started with a dream and a desire. And no known talent. The technique that I first intended to use kept growing and developing. The above story is just the most dramatic and significant. Failures? How about incomplete success. How about not yet finished? How about cake goop. No, not cake goop. Cake batter that is just one step short of being a yummy cake.

One of the keys to success is to keep moving without judging. Judge not lest you live your judgment. Judge and be prepared to live your judgment. Judge cake goop and you have a wasted mess. Take the next step and you are one step closer. If you know how to get there you are going in the wrong direction. You know how to get to the old familiar places. Do you know how to do broke and unhappy? Do you know how to do just getting by? The new and higher places are beyond your knowing. You have to keep moving in faith. You do not know how to get there.

You have probably heard the Thomas Edison story about all the materials he attempted to use for a filament in his light bulb. Thousands. His take was not that he failed that many times but that he successfully eliminated that many materials that would not work. At what point would you have quit. After 6 tries? Most people give up before six good tries at most things. I know there is no way I would have tried as many materials as Edison. Or maybe I would have. Never will know. We do know that Edison went on to bake quite the cake. One that we are still eating today.

What is is the way it really is. Edison saw the what is of electric lights before other folks. And kept moving toward it. What is are you seeing that others are not? Yet. And please stop throwing out the batter. It is not goop! It is a cake in embryo form. Keep moving. In faith. You do not now the way. You Do Not Know The Way

Live, laugh, love, bake, enjoy, rejoice

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