The Crushing Burden That Isn’t

Your life has been a series of is. From the time of birth to this very moment. All is all the time. Lots of is’s including all of your perceptions of isn’t. Perceptions, for that’s all they are or can be. So lets’ make that misperceptions. The tragedy is that the isn’t(s) which do not exist almost certainly outnumber your is’s. (Is that how you would make the plural of is?)

Just one example: you have a car (even if you have 2 or 3 cars the same probably still applies) Your having that car is an is. The car is yours. Your car is. Your having that car is. How many isn’t(s) have you added to that one is? The car isn’t new anymore. The car isn’t the deluxe model. The car isn’t a Mercedes/BMW/Porsche/Bentley/all of the preceding and/or whatever you might prefer. The car isn’t the color you really wanted. The car isn’t paid off. The car isn’t like your brother’s, friend’s, neighbor’s, boss’s. The car isn’t as nice as it once was. The car isn’t really good for driving in the snow, hauling kids, whatever.

Just that one is can have an unending addendum of isn’t(s). Then there is the is of your home. How many nots have you added onto that? Hundreds? Have you added a not for any or all of the residents you’ve seen in magazines or on TV? Your house isn’t as big as, isn’t as luxurious as, isn’t as stylish as, isn’t as comfortable as, isn’t as beautiful as, isn’t as whatever as. It isn’t on the beach. Or isn’t even near the beach. It isn’t by some famous decorator or architect. It isn’t in Beverly Hills, Palm Beach, Malibu, East Hampton, Manhattan, Fifth Avenue, Park Avenue, yadayadayada. Not enough closets and storage. Not right ceiling height. Not pool. Not koi pond. Not perfect lawn, not beautiful plantings, not well maintained. On and on and on with the nots. Not like so-and-so’s place. Not new enough or old and charming enough.

Yes, the place that you call home. Where you live and breathe and have your very being may well have hundreds or even thousands of isn’t s. The place for which you should be absolutely and incandescently grateful. The place that you should celebrate and celebrate in. Is it denigrated and brought to nothing in your mind with a shroud of negativity? With a crushing pile of nonexistence?

Just these two is’s of your life can have hundreds of nots. Not real but added by your ego’s judgment. Then there are your face and body. How many nots have you added to those? Your wardrobe? Your job? Your family and friends? All that is real and true in your life is the positive. And yet in your consciousness the negatives easily, in all probability, outweigh the positive. The ego perceived outweighs reality. Your opinions derail the powerful force of gratitude in your life. It’s impossible to be grateful for all those nots. And very difficult to be grateful with all those nots.

You can see why observation is power. Observation opens the way to the empowering expanding force of gratitude. Judgment is weakness as it deprives you of the vital practice of gratitude. Judgment is the source of the negative. Judgment gives birth to the isn’t, the not. Observation is of the is, the all positive, blessed and glorious is.

Your mountain of nots are a crushing burden holding you down. All for nothing because they are… not. They are nonexistent. Your Toyota or Chevy is real. Your not Porsche is an idea. Your car takes up a chunk of space and weighs thousands of pounds. Your thoughts not so much. Except in your consciousness. Crowding out or, at the very least, greatly diminishing the gratitude and joy of the is that is your car. In your mind – which where it all starts and what you have to work on- your nots far outweigh your is’s. And all for nothing as they are all made up and do not exist. Do not exist.

What is is the way it really is. Observation is power. Judgment is weakness.
Realize, appreciate, enjoy. Live, love, create, give, encourage, love, appreciate, rejoice, relax and enjoy.

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