Picasso’s Blank Tomorrow

A simple question. If you were to make up an imaginary friend who would it be? I know, I know, adults do not have imaginary friends. Just play along. Would it be some creepy, nasty rotten s.o.b. who smells bad and mooches off of you? Of course not. That would be insanity. He would be kind and caring, fun and funny, intelligent, witty, wise, knowledgeable, strong, handsome, athletic, multi-talented, speak a dozen languages and would have been able to decipher hieroglyphs without the Rosetta stone. In other words, somebody just like me 🙂 Somebody who could hang with movies stars, famous athletes, tycoons and royalty. But prefers you. Right? Or if not the above, some other sort of wonderful.

So when you imagine the future why would you ever think of it as anything less than perfect and perfectly wonderful? The future does not exist. Not the next moment, not tomorrow, nor next year. And yet you experience worry, fear, anxiety. All of which are of the future. Which doesn’t exist. Which you can imagine any way you choose.

Let me clue you in. Nobody has had a chance to screw up the future. Not you. Nor your in-laws, screwy neighbors, rotten boss or gasbag politicians. Nobody has yet arrived in tomorrow or next week. Nobody’s mistakes, negative consciousness or sins have managed to touch it. The future is untouched and totally clean. Yours for the creation. Yours for the creation. So it is utter foolishness to imagine it less than ideal. Why would you choose rubbish over gems?

All of your worries and fears have something not being resolved or not unfolding to your liking. How dare you imagine it that way? How dare you. The future is in the hands of God. Totally untouched by imperfection or foolishness, Untouched by hate, envy, jealousy, fear, dishonesty or pettiness. To see the future as anything less than perfectly beautiful is perhaps the greatest blasphemy.

Pablo Picasso said, “Everything you can imagine is real”. True or not, he was a man of great imagination who made much real, i.e. he created great value. So you might want to ponder this quote.

Choose life and love. Choose beauty and grace. Choose abundance, wealth and provision. Choose fun, laughter, happiness. Choose style. Choose flow and magic. Choose light.

Love, laugh, give, live, smile, create, encourage, encourage, encourage, laugh, smile, create, relax, enjoy, rejoice. Realize. Appreciate. Receive. Expand. And eat your greens.

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