The War Against Little Green Men

Darkness does not exist there is only light. Darkness is the perceived relative absence or nonexistence of light. Perceived. Relative. Nonexistence.

It is your misperception of reality that is your problem and the source of all your sadness, anxiety, frustration, unhappiness. Taking the unreal for real is the essence of all mistakes. Perceiving the unreal, nonexistent is, the essence of all mistakes. Your hopes, dreams, desires are so they do exist. It is your perceiving their nonexistence that brings you sadness and frustration.

Nonexistence does not exist. Absolutely, positively does not exist. Cannot exist. But once we perceive it we experience it. The more we fight it or struggle against it the greater our experience of that avatar of nonexistence. You look out the window in in the shadows of dusk you think you see a little green man. You laugh it off. Another “sees’ that little green one and locks the windows and doors then call phones friends. His experience and the fear and anxiety of that experience last a bit longer than yours. Another man goes beyond what the last man does. He stockpiles weapons and ammo to fight against his imagined creature. His experience is more intense and longer lasting. His war against the nonexistent may well destroy what does exist. It certainly cannot harm what doesn’t what doesn’t exist. It will most certainly intensify the experience of the nonexistent.

The ego regularly perceives nonexistence relative to what it thinks should, would, could be. Not enough. Says who? Says ego.

Perceived. You can perceive what is not really there. And yon can fail to perceive what is there.
Relative. When you say it is dark what you almost always mean is that there is not as much light as you would like. Or not as much as you had expected. Not as much light as you had hoped. Not as much light as there used to be. You go out at night and think and judge “dark”. But there is light. The moon, street lights, passing cars, lights from houses and stores. What you mean is not as much light as you would like, not as much light as there was at this time in the summer, not as much light as there was in the house. But there is light!

We live in a world where people are seeing more and more darkness in one avatar or another. This will result in heightened experience of darkness. Wealth exists. Everywhere you look is stuff. Assets. Wealth. Poverty is the perceived relative lack of wealth. It positively absolutely does not and cannot exist. Paradoxically with an explosion of wealth all over the planet there is also an ever increasing perception of poverty.

Why is there an expanding perception of darkness, problems and nonexistence? Because the more sophisticated and educated people become, the bigger their ego grows. And the ego cannot tolerate the idea of reality that exists independent of ego. So it must judge and add to that independent existence. The only thing that can be added to existence is nonexistence. The only the ego can add is the negative. And it does that with a vengeance. The ego adds darkness to light. The ego adds isn’t to the is of the universe.

When people look at the world around them they don’t see life, wealth and opportunity. They see hardships, problems and poverty. And “positive” people are not much different. They may have disciplined themselves to see and appreciate what is in their own lives. And have reaped the benefits. But when they look beyond their own lives they see the not, they see nonexistence, they see not enough. They see darkness. And they pride themselves on this outlook!

Worse, they then demand that the nonexistence be destroyed. But it cannot be destroyed. Any attempt to destroy it must only enhance the experience of that nonexistent darkness. Throwing trillions of dollars and our futures into the black hole of not having is the equivalent of shooting at imagined little green men. Somebody is gonna get hurt and it isn’t the little green ones.

Warring against poverty doesn’t destroy poverty, the nonexistence of provision or wealth, but people and wealth. Warring against poverty expands the experience of poverty. Struggling against poverty gives life and validity to the darkness of poverty, the nonexistence of stuff.
Millions of people who say it’s all good, life is good or we live in a benevolent universe insist that politicians work tirelessly on solving problems. Apparently life is a problem. Americans have become obsessed with life as a problem. Government used to confine itself to maintaining order and providing infrastructure with varying degrees of success. With an occasional hellish war. Now the full force and might of government is dedicated to shooting little green men. The resources of the nation and even generations yet to be born (borrowing and national debt) are marshaled to war against the not. Not having, not being able, not experiencing something or other. As a result we and our way of life are very much at risk.

Everybody-EVERYBODY-knows that the reckless spending and beyond-comprehension debt will destroy us. But instead of demanding an immediate reversal the vast majority demand that it continue unabated. Why? Because a collapse and the ensuing hardship would be in alignment with their poverty thinking. Hardship and poverty everywhere. Which would fit nicely with the collective consciousness. Did you not know that if you are not in the top 1% you are poor and oppressed? Yes, people support the government policies that would bring to fruition their consciousness.

What is is the way it really is. Isn’t isn’t but can be perceived and experienced. Observation is power. Judgment is weakness. Success, progress, prosperity and happiness are a function of being in sync with the isness of reality and the universe.
Love, laugh, create, give, enjoy, rejoice, smile, realize, appreciate.

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