Happiness Is True

Whenever you are not happy it’s because you are believing in the not. Not healthy. Not gonna get better. Not good future. Not enough money. Not enough romance, friendship or other type relationship. Not enough love. Not enough security. Not job. Not fun. Not something or other. Unhappiness is a function of the perceived not.

Whenever you are feeling unhappy or dissatisfied it is because you have conjured and are entertaining some image of nonexistence. Stop it! What is is the way it really is. Observation is power. Judgment is weakness. Stop judging-you judge just about everything- and appreciate. Observation. Realization. Appreciation. Gratitude.

Feeling unhappy or frustrated? Then have your own festival of gratitude.

Is there anything more foolish than fretting about ideas that exist in your own mind? Nonexistence is a perception that exists in your mind and not in the totally 100% positive universe. The universe is all that is and all that is is the universe. Your notions of isn’t do not exist in the actual universe apart from in your own mind. So just stop it.

For a bigger happier life, for a life that can contribute more to the lives of others, avoid source of negativity. These sources will only drag you down. Listening to the newsn’t? All the newsn’t knows is what isn’t. The peace and tranquility that isn’t. The wealth and provision that isn’t. The opportunity that isn’t. The health that isn’t. And their biggest specialty, the life that now isn’t. That’s the only way they can get people to keep tuning in. All too many people are addicted to the isn’t poison. Worst, most deadly drug on the planet.

Still looking up to those purveyors of the negative called politicians. They pander to and manipulate poor saps with their tales of woe. They are all about the isn’t. They gain power by dragging our consciousness down. Way, way down. All about what isn’t. The wealth and provision that isn’t. The health care that isn’t. The opportunities that isn’t. The goodness and joy of life that isn’t without their intervention. They keep people hooked by encouraging, enabling and perpetuating a negative mindset. They then pander to that mindset. Dragging down millions? No problem. As long as it gets out the vote.

Life is good. It’s all good. It’s all good. Life is good. The universe is totally positive. I hear people saying these things all the time. And then they fawn over some politician who tells them that everything is so bad that only trillions of dollars can possibly solve it. And, oh yeah, making their children and grandchildren debt slaves. And they never see how totally nuts and inauthentic it is to say that it’s all good and we have so many problems that only by throwing away trillions of dollars can we be saved.

It is all good. Life is good. Happiness is truth. You will never infuse this into your DNA as long as you keep lapping up all the darkness of the thoroughly rotten establishment that revels in negativity to secure its power and status. You’ve been had. You’re being used. Wake up. You will never have an optimally positive operating system as long as you are down with the idea that world is plagues with so many problems that we must. Life is good.

If you want to help people, get them to see that life is good. That their lives are a function of their perceptions. Realization, appreciation, gratitude. Or being dragged down and held back by the negative. How have you encouraged, enabled perpetuated the negative mindset that is destroying millions?

What is is the way it really is. The universe is absolutely, totally 100% positive. It can be no other way as the universe is the totality of the is. There is only light. In like manner there is only wealth and provision. There is only health, vitality and energy. There is only life.

Observation is power. Observation puts you in sync with the abundance of the infinite and mighty universe. Judgment is weakness. Judgment is a product of the ego and stands in opposition to the reality of the universe.

Happiness is in tune with the reality of the is. Sadness and unhappiness are a product of being out of sync. Success is a function of being in sync with the universe. ABUNDANCE SYNC. Get in sync and let it flow. Get in sync and be in the flow of the infinitely abundant universe. Get out of the way. Get your judgments out of the way. Get your nots out of the way. Cast down your images of no value. All mistakes and all failure are accepting the not as is. Look for, realize and appreciate the is. And then some more. And yet more. And still more. More. More. The more you observe and realize, the more you will experience. More. And always now and perfect. Even before there is more it is always now perfect.

It’s all about the is. Build on the is. Including the is of your hopes, dreams, goals, visions. Your dreams are. They exist. Cast down perceptions of their nonexistence. And watch them become your experience. Cast down imaginations of achieving your goals and it will be so much easier to advance toward those goals.

Live, love, laugh, give, create, enjoy, rejoice, cheer, encourage, love, laugh, laugh, laugh, laugh. Smile.

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