Seeds of Tsunami

All of the problems, hardships crises that people are experiencing are a result of a nonexistence focus. A progressively expanding, ever advancing focus of nonexistence. What else would you expect? A negative focus is guaranteed to deliver failure and drear. Being in the negative, being in nonexistence is a formula for stagnation, decline and eventual collapse or death.

We are living in a society more and more going over to the dark side of nonexistence awareness. As a matter of fact, we have gone from nonexistence awareness, to nonexistence focus all the way to nonexistence obsession. And you are told that it is reality. Our leadership is totally sold out to this poison. Political, cultural, academic. My guess is that as positive and aware as you are, or try to be, you are on board with these Pied Pipers of darkness. Yes, you. You see them as beacons of light and hope. That’s the only way they could possibly get you to give them your attention, respect and support. You’ve been had.

But you are waking up. You want to live in the glory of the be now. You want to live in herenow. You know that darkness does not exist. There is only light. You will inevitably have less truck with those who try to manipulate by pandering to your fears and judgments. You will find yourself saying no. You will find yourself as a leader away from the darkness and into the light. As you experience the abundance, joy and life of the infinitely abundant and perfect herenow you will laugh off all the dreary talk of the nonexistent that others obsess over.

Success, progress and growth are a function of alignment with the universe which is the totality of the is. A progressively expanding nonexistence/negativity focus can only result in calamity. Two choices: alignment with the positive or focus on the negative. Appreciation or whining. Light appreciation or wallowing in the ego’s imagined darkness.
There is no end to the peace, freedom and prosperity that we can experience, if we align ourselves with the infinite abundance of the totally positive universe. A world of expanding prosperity, peace, freedom and progress. Do you get that? And do you get what happens if we continue along the path of nonexistence obsession? Choose.

Be a beacon of light in your world. Be a leader of light and life. Be. Here. Now. Radical stuff, this. Light is pretty radical and extreme. In light there is no darkness. None. Nada. Just what you allow your ego to bring to it.

Choose to BeHereNow. Choose existence. Choose light. Live, love, laugh, smile, give, receive, create, produce, enjoy, rejoice. BeHereNow. LAUGH, SMILE, SOAR!

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