Life Is Now, Now is Whole

Life is now. And now is whole. There are only two times. Out of all the many years of history. Only two times. Now and not now. Now and the nonexistence of now. And nonexistence does not exist. Absolutely does not exist. Which means…… there is only now. There is only now. All other times exist only in your mind and my mind. Living in a time that doesn’t even exist is living as a ghost. There is no presence and no power living out of now. It can be a pleasant diversion but it is a diversion.
How much baggage are you carrying around from the past? How much pain and hurt are you carrying around form the past. A time that does not exist. If you choose to have a good time with pleasant memories, terrific. But to carry around stuff from the not now that doesn’t serve you, utter foolishness.
Eternity is the always now. Eternity is not forever. It is the ever now. No time. Time is a creation of man. The ego. Nonexistence, the not, the negative is our ego’s creation. Nonexistence is the ego’s contribution to the universe. The nonexistence of now does not exist and is not real. Tine as a function of the not now does not exist, Get out of time and into the now.
When you are in not now, you are in the land of no power and no presence. Get that. Not now is no power. You are disconnected. God is NOW. God is eternal which is the ever now. Live in the past and you are beyond Him and His power. (Maybe that is expressed inaccurately. But you get the picture) No blasphemy intended.)You put yourself in a bad, dark place.
Get out of time and into the power and joy and glory of the herenow.
All of your fears and worries are of the future. You cannot worry in now. Anxiety, worry, fear, frustration and company are all a function of the not now. They are all about the future. You can handle the present, the NOW, absolutely perfectly. You are handling the present. Now is safe and whole.
A tiger is outside your open door. You’re fine. And terrified. Your fear is that the tiger might come through the door. The tiger comes into your room. Still okay. Your fear is that soon the tiger might come at you. The tiger now has your arm in his mouth. You’re fine! You’re worried about what you are going to do without an arm tomorrow!
All fear is of the future. All worry is of the future. Your financial concerns are of the future. Your health concerns. Your concerns and worries about your children. Actually worry and fear are doing you a favor. Whenever you catch yourself worrying, feeling frustrated or afraid, let it serve as reminder to come back to the herenow, the present wherein lies power and joy. Life is herenow. Being in the not now is being out of life. Which means being out of herenow is a bit of death.
Be herenow. Where you get things done. Where you are in the flow of the abundance and joy of the universe.
What is is the way it really is. And what is is NOW. NOW is. Not now isn’t. Not now is dead. Don’t be in the dead. There is nothing in the dead for you. Observation is power. Observation is of the now. Judgment is weakness. Judgment is of what isn’t. Isn’t enough. Isn’t good enough. Isn’t the way I think it should be. Isn’t the way it used to be. Isn’t the way I expected it to be.

Now is where the action is. Now is the field of play for life. It’s where all the goodies and blessings are.

BeHereNOW!! Appreciate. Gratitudate (new word!). Love, give, receive, laugh, smile, rejoice, create, invest, produce, observe. Observe the world around you as for the very first time. Observe the miraculous and wonderful world. The abundant world! BeHereNow!!!!

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