Facing Reality YEAH!!!!

One of the best ways to get into the isness of reality and the power thereof is engaging in gratitude. Deliberate mindful gratitude. It can be done anywhere and anytime. And it puts you in sync with the reality of the universe. Gratitude will make you happier. There have been studies. Studies? Who needs studies?! If you are appreciative and grateful, happiness would seem to be part of the package. And if you do not appreciate and are not grateful for all that’s in your life, then you are pretty much, by definition, unhappy.
Success is and is a result of being in sync with the universe. Gratitude is in sync with the universe. Gratitude is in sync with the universe because the universe is totally absolutely 100% positive. Cold hard reality minus ego. Value and only value exists. Wealth, assets, stuff. NO matter how “poor” you are you have stuff. Realize and recognize that stuff. Health, vitality, energy. No matter how “sick” you are, your trillions of cells are full of life, vitality and energy. Realize, appreciate and be grateful. You may never have what you consider enough of anything but the fact is you do have. What isn’t isn’t. Isn’t is a creation of you r ego.
There is no limit to what you can be, do, have. As long as you begin there. In your herenow. It all begins in the herenow. Which is only and absolutely positive. Delirious appreciation and gratitude is being in touch with reality. An orgy of gratitude is pure unadulterated realism. You do not need rose colored glasses. The world is gloriously positive. Minus the ego’s creation of nonexistence, isn’t negativity
You can spend an hour every morning and every evening visualizing your dream life. With wonderful affirmations throughout the day. Good luck. They set the destination. Attitude provides the fuel. Altitude provides the fuel. Feel the way you would when you achieve your dreams. That’s what it’s all about anyway. Right? In essence that is all you will ever feel. You won’t really feel owning that house or car. You will have some positive feeling profile. Contentment, happiness, security, elation, pride, whatever. Those feelings are the ultimate goal. A goal hoped to be achieved by certain acquisitions
All around you. Stuff for which to be grateful. Even before you get out of bed. The mattress upon which you are lying. Even if it is very old and a new mattress is at the top of your wish list. The fact that it was good enough on which to sleep means that it is something for which to be grateful and appreciative. The sheets and covers. What qualities of the sheets come to mind? Oh so soft and smooth. Feel so good against the skin. Do you like the color? Something more to appreciate. The down comforter. So warm and cozy. Had to sleep on the floor? Be grateful for that. And more gratitude. Gratitude for the walls and windows that kept out the elements and kept you safe and secure. In cold weather the furnace.
While you are still in bed you can be grateful for your body, its organs and systems. The energy and strength that you do have no matter what symptoms you have or challenges you are facing. Trillions of cells coursing with energy and life.

Stuff that you take for granted. Have always taken for granted. Granted or gratitude? A choice. Mindfulness. It’s all there. Has been. Taken for granted. What cause materials to expand? Heat. Put heat to metal and it will expand. The heat of gratitude and appreciation will similarly cause the values in your life to expand. Happy people manage to attract more good things into their lives than unhappy people. Happiness is in sync with the abundance, with the reality of the infinite universe. Unhappiness and ingratitude are in denial of and out of sync with the mighty universe.
Gratitude puts you in sync with the reality of the infinitely abundant universe. Gratitude puts you in alignment with and out of opposition to the universe. Success, growth and prosperity are all about being in partnership with the universe.
A life and a world of glories and blessings for which to be ecstatically grateful. Your lamps, light fixtures and the electrical current that flows to them. The power generating plant that sends you the electricity. Those who designed, built and maintain the plant. And transmission lines. There is so much in your house or apartment for which to be grateful. I know, I know. It’s not right out of an interior design magazine. Not interested in what’s not, just what is. Look outside. The trees, shrubs, flowers, wildlife, whatever. Your car, the gasoline in the tank. A whole glorious world for which to be thankful.
Before you even leave home you have hundreds of things to acknowledge and appreciate. People. How many people do you take for granted? Family, friends, coworkers, boss. You hate your employer? You mean the one who provides you with a means to support yourself? Gratitude. Your neighbors are bums? The fact that they have not yet murdered you is evidence that they must have some good qualities!
No more complaints or whining about what’s not. Total appreciation and gratitude for the value that is. Observation is power. And observation is always of what is including your hopes and dreams. Judgment is weakness. Judgment is always of what is not, the negative. Observation results in appreciation while judgment leads away from it.
What is is the way it really is. Success is a function of alignment with truth. Abundance is alignment with the infinitive and mighty universe.
Be happy. Be happiness. Live, love, give, create, laugh, smile, appreciate, live gratitude, love, laugh, laugh, laugh, enjoy, rejoice, relax.  Soar! Soar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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