You’re at work ruminating about what happened the past weekend. Is much work getting done? Not likely. You are daydreaming about your upcoming vacation. Are you accomplishing much on the job? Seriously? Work is done when you are present. Really present. Well the work of life is not getting done if you are not present. If you are not herenow your life is on hold. If you are not herenow you are out of sync with the very herenow universe. If you are not herenow, your connection to the infinite power of the universe is disconnected.

BeHereNow. Be here now. Here and now is where life is. How is it even possible to be anywhere other than here and now? Exactly. But people work at it. Through the power of the mind we are able to take ourselves elsewhere. Out of power. Running on automatic. Autopilot. Preprogrammed. The subconscious is running things. Which may be terrific if you if you have been living a charmed life where everything comes your way with ease and no effort.

When you are not herenow your subconscious autopilot takes over. Life is hard. Making money is hard. Money does not grow on trees. Be careful (full of care). You can’t make it. You’re not capable. Good things don’t happen to people like us. People like us have to work hard for everything we get. There’s never enough. We can’t afford it. We can’t afford that. We can’t afford this. Stop your dreaming. Be realistic (negative). Grow up (accept things the way they are). You’re wrong. Things never change (for the better). You aren’t going to make it. You’re not good enough. You’re not smart enough. You’re fat. Stupid. Poor. Broke. Totally inadequate. The past is prelude.

And it’s when you are off in other places that you give birth to perceptions of nonexistence, the negative. Your present is not like things were in the past. Your present is not like your daydreams. Your present is not like the folks you see on TV or in the magazines.
Now there is being herenow that does travel to the past or future. Writing a report on something you worked on last week. Or accounting work that that analyzes past transactions as to explain current situation and plan for future. Being present looking into the past. You are taking a mindful and purposeful look at the past so as to fill current needs. Likewise mindfully creating whether with planning or visualizing a future is done in the herenow and serves a purpose. Two examples of being herenow but seeming to be some place else.

It is mindfully being in the present that gives one a power of the experience of isness. It is being herenow that banishes images of no value, vain imaginations, the negative. It is the herenow present that is your point of creation. It is the herenow wherein lies your power, your opportunity.

Being here now aligns you with reality, the reality that is the universe. You can’t really be anywhere other than here and now. It is a matter of getting into alignment and agreement with that reality. Success is aligning yourself with truth.

Observation is power. Judgment is weakness. What is is the way it really is.
Live, love, create, give, BE, enjoy, rejoice, laugh, smile. Expand, grow, increase.

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