Is Is Not Is Not

COMING SOON: The Origin of the Negative

People engage in the most wonderful and marvelous visions, visualizations, images, affirmations, afformations and I Am declarations.  And then spend their real, everyday lives canceling those powerful tools. They say I am rich and visualize the beautiful house right out of Architectural Digest. Then they go to the super market and declaim against the prices and say “who can afford to eat. I can’t afford those steaks”. The wiser among us learn to avoid these manifesting cancellations. So then why is there little or no experience of change in the desired direction?

People who are diligent about not judging their circumstance and thus condemning themselves to live in that judgment still fall for their ego’s judgment about the world around them. And thus still bring judgment on themselves. The universe is a totally positive place. There is only wealth and abundance. And yet people see poverty and misfortune everywhere. And as you judge so will you be judged. Poverty?  What poverty? There is only wealth. Poverty does not and indeed cannot exist. But, but, but people don’t have this that or some other thing. THERE IS ONLY HAVING. Not having can only be perceived, it is an ego judgment.

There was a time when poverty meant a person did not have food to eat or a roof over his head. Now we judge people to be poor when they don’t have the latest gadgets and access to the latest technology. People now define poor as not having as much as most others. In other words people used to perceive poverty very sparingly. Now people see it everywhere. We have become richer and ironically so much “poorer” (ego imagined, judged) at the same time. As people become more sophisticated their ego becomes so much greater and so much more willing to judge and have opinions. The ego cannot accept that reality exists independent of ego. So it creates opinions and judgments. And those judgments are always in the form of “not”, as the “is” already exists. “Not” can only be an opinion or judgment as “not” literally does not and cannot exist.

Being is real. There is only being. Doing is real there is only doing. Having is real. There is only having. There is no not having. Absolutely not possible. Not having is the nonexistence of having and nonexistence does not have. The perception of “not having” is a creation of the ego. That perception if the not is out of sync with the universe which is the totality of the is. Your perception of the nonexistence of having takes you out of sync with the universe and its infinite abundance. REPEAT: Your perception of the nonexistence of having takes you out of sync with the universe and its infinite abundance.

Light exists. Light is real. You may have heard that darkness is the lack of light. Close. Darkness is the perceived lack or nonexistence of light or the perceived relative lack of light.

Perceptions of not are a product of the ego. It creates nonexistence, if only as an idea. The bigger the ego, the greater the perceptions of nonexistence. This is why the more intelligent, more educated, more sophisticated tend to be so full of angst and unhappiness. They tend to see more nonexistence in their own lives and in the world. They live in and react to the darkness perceived by their own minds. And it is this perceived nonexistence, negativity, darkness that is a major drag on their lives. Which is bad enough. But then they inevitably endeavor to make their perceptions of the negative part of the social operating system, that is, culture, politics and government. To the detriment of all.

In the vast, mighty infinite universe there is only is. In the vast, mighty infinite universe there is only having. Not having only exists in the human mind. Hard cold fact. Reality. Truth and not wishful thinking or airy-fairy theory.

Joy, bliss and happiness are the only rational choices. Worry, fear, anxiety and unhappiness are all a result of the perceived not.

Rejoice. Live. Love. Laugh. Let your light shine. Appreciate. Gratitude. Give. Love. Give. Create. Produce. Laugh. Smile. Plant, Grow. Enjoy. Expand. Expand. Expand. Increase. Enjoy. Repeat.

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