Man Builds a House

A man wants to build a house. For that house he needs X number bricks, so many two-by-fours and nails, wires, pipes, windows, etc. If he faithfully arranges all the elements according to the plans he will have a strong and beautiful home for himself and his family. Now imagine a man who is crazy. For real bricks he substitutes and an occasional imaginary brick, a brick that exists only I his mind. And some of the nails are only imaginary-nails that do not really exist. The edifice that results will is not going to be as strong and durable as if he had constructed it correctly. Right? Worst of all would be if he had built the house on a nonexistent foundation. The more nonexistent elements, the weaker and less beautiful the house. If the foundation itself is only imaginary, then the house would be totally unfit for habitation.

How many elements of your life are only imagined nonexistence? Your life is built on your thoughts and ideas. The higher the quality of those thoughts, the higher the quality of your life. The majority of your thoughts are negative. Fact. Even the thoughts that you think of as “positive” are actually negative. “I’m not coming down with a cold.” Negative. “I won’t forget.” Negative. And those are just the “positive” ones. Yes, most of the thousands of thoughts you have every day are negative.

The edifice of your life is severely compromised by all too many nonexistent bricks, thoughts of nonexistence. And in all too many cases, the foundation is largely nonexistent. Look around you. The more problem, hardships and lack a person is experiencing, the more negative thoughts. Lives built with plenty of nonexistent bricks. Bricks that only exist in the builders mind. Lives put together with images of nonexistence.

Observation is power. Judgment is weakness. What is is the way it really is. The universe is totally, absolutely 100% positive. The universe is all there is. All there is constitutes the universe. The negative is a construct of the human mind. It is a product of the ego and the ego’s attempt to justify itself. All that it can create is images of nonexistence. And that is does brilliantly. Bril-liant-ly.

What is is the way it really is. Live, love, laugh, give, love, create, produce, invest, enjoy, realize, appreciate, gratitude (verb), laugh, smile, rejoice, always rejoice.

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