Black Holes and Vampires

The negative is a black hole. But only figuratively speaking. Literally it is the exact opposite. So speaking figuratively, the negative is a black hole. It sucks up life and energy and focus and value. It is a destroyer. Slowly. Little by little. Sucks up life. Your life. It is sucking up our economy. With the full support and approval of millions of “positive thinkers”. The negative is nonexistence. The negative of something or other is the nonexistence of that something or other. And nonexistence is nothing. It has no power, energy, mass or presence. It is nothing and has nothing. It can give nothing and can produce nothing.

The negative is a parasite, a vampire. It lives only by sucking energy and life from us, its living host. We give it energy, presence, significance, life. We give it weight by our focus. Resistance and struggle are evidence of focus. Resist or fight against the negative and you give it life and meaning. The more you throw into your fight against it, the bigger and stronger your experience of it gets. It does not get bigger as the nonexistent does not and cannot exist. You experience it as a result of your perception. And your perception is enhanced by your focus on and reaction to that perception.

There is no isn’t. There is no not. No room for it in the vast and mighty infinite universe. The universe is the totality of all that is. There is no isn’t in the is. There is no isn’t in the universe. There is no isn’t in reality only in the human mind. And these perceptions of not do not fit in with the reality of the universe. They are only an interface between your ego and reality.

Existence and only existence exists. The nonexistent can only exist as an idea or perception. That is its only power, its only energy, its only being. Give it no focus or attention. Fill your life with observation and appreciation of the is. Observation is power. Judgment is weakness. Judge not lest you be judged. Judge not lest you live a life filtered through that filter. Fill your life and consciousness with gratitude and watch your experience of the is expand. What is? Wealth is. Poverty does not exist.  Vitality is. Energy is. Ability is. Intelligence is.

Cast down images of no value. Cast down and walk away from images of nonexistence. Give no power to those who build their life exploiting images of nonexistence. Give no power to those destroyers who exploit your perceptions of nonexistence. Pay no attention to the men behind the curtain who gain, maintain and consolidate their power by exploiting your worries and fears. Worries and fears are always-ALWAYS- a function of ego-created nonexistence. ALL worries and fears. ALWAYS.

Ask yourself if some of the people that you most respect and admire are people who are exploiting your perceptions of the negative. People who parading around as becomes of light? OH, YEAH! Vampires who suck away your life, your energy and hope.

Observation is power. Judgment is weakness. What is is the way it really is. Dream with abandon, appreciate fully, engage totally, watch your dreams integrate into your life.

Live, love, laugh, appreciate, realize, gratitude (verb), create, give, produce, love, love, love. BE and repeat!!!  And always rejoice. Be filled with joy. That is the proper response to reality.

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