HereNow Is Power and LIfe

One man sits on the hood of his beautiful new Porsche. Another sits on the trunk (or should I say boot) of his fabulous new Bentley. Neither going anywhere. A third man sits in the driver’s seat of his ten year-old Chevy. And gets to his destination. The hood-sitter and the trunk-sitter both look at him with disdain as he drives by.

All power is in the now. HereNow. HereNow. HereNow. The man on his hood represents a person living in the future. The trunk-sitter is a person living in the past. The man behind the wheel is in the now. It doesn’t matter how beautiful your past was or how glorious your imagined future is. Life is now. And it is all the more ridiculous if the future or past in which you are living is horrendous.  Life is now. Power is now. Opportunity is now.

There are only two times. Now and not now. Not now includes a second ago, last year, July 4, 1776, 1066 AD, the day that the great pyramid of Khufu was begun and beyond. It also comprises tomorrow, next Christmas, ten years from now and beyond. There is only now and not now. Which means there is only now because not now is the negation of now or the nonexistence of now. And as nonexistence does not exist, absolutely does not exist and cannot exist, the nonexistence of now does not exist. In this way there is only now.

This should settle absolutely why and how all power, all success and all life are now. That’s all there is. Yes, the past did exist. The future will exist. And all there is is now. Get your mind around that.


And most people spend much of their time someplace else. Past, future or miles away. How many millions of men spend more time in far away stadiums or sports arenas than they do with their own children or building their own dreams? Their dereliction is building the fortunes of athletes while they delude themselves that there is nothing more manly than sitting watching other men plays games. That’s what a man cave is for. A place to be passive and watch life. Manly? Are you kidding! Knitting and flower arranging are manlier than watching other men play. These activities are active and productive.


A few cooks have become rich and famous because millions delude themselves that they are part of these celebrities’ families rather than being HereNow living their own lives. There is whole lot more watching and talking about their imagined friends’ lives than actual cooking of what is seen.

HereNow. That’s where it’s at. But you depend on your escape. Where would you be without it? Escaping from life? Are you serious?! Escaping from life can only mean one thing. Death. A living, breathing death. Death to your power, possibilities and greatness. Death to your potential and dreams.

You follow these athletes and cooks plus actors, singers, three silly sisters and real only-by-a-great-stretch-of-the-imagination housewives as though they are part of our inner circle. Or rather you part of theirs. You follow them on Facebook and Twitter. You eagerly await their latest thoughts. Get real! They are not your friends. They don’t know you or love you. They don’t even like you.

They are your opiate. And you are their pay check. They keep you from HereNow. They are in their HereNow living the dream. While you become more frustrated and stressed. Less alive. Entertainment? Yeah, right.


You look down on those who waste their time watching the three sisters and their kin. You are so much more sophisticated. You watch CNN and listen to NPR. Congratulations! You are stuck in someplace else yesterday or hours ago.

It makes more sense to be watching the pretty and glamorous, if vapid, than filling your consciousness with the latest crises and disasters. Which will soon be forgotten but stored in your subconscious along with all the other long-forgotten crises and impending doom that you got so worked up over during the last 10,20,30 years.

The oh-so serious and respected anchors, correspondents and commentators are small minded, fear mongering busy bodies who are well-off and famous from dragging your consciousness down with fear and darkness. Understand that the only way to get people to keep tuning in is too make everything seem dire and gloomy. If they were to say nothing much to worry about, everybody would go about their lives without tuning in.

The end result and therefore fundamental function of the news and what is does best is to facilitate judgment. Watch the news and judge “bad”. Poverty, misfortune, distress, dissatisfaction, unhappiness. It allows you to judge way beyond your environs. No matter how nice things are around you, the “news” will present you with some situation to render the judgment of “bad” against. It will bring you from joy and appreciation to worry, fear and pity in no time. It will put you in judgment while lowering your spirits and vibrations.

The “news” is actually the newsn’t. It is all about the isn’t. And the fundamental reason that people indulge in it is to feed their dark side. They will tell you about the wealth that isn’t, the food that isn’t for some people, the peace and well being that isn’t. Even when it is about something that is such as hurricanes, floods, tornados and such it is only about what now isn’t. Roads, houses, electrical power, roofs on houses that are now isn’t. Yes the news is always about isn’t.

It used to be that just about wherever you lived you experienced a few days a year of weather that you found unpleasant. Too much rain, not enough rain, too hot, too cold, snow, whatever. Now no matter where you live the weather is horrendous. Because you see on the news and Weather Channel “terrible” weather somewhere. You live in flood and drought just about every day. You are just about always experiencing heat wave or arctic cold. Result: fear, worry, dissatisfaction. Dragged-down mindset and vibrations. But ratings are up and as revenue is rolling in.


You can spend your entire life watching other people live theirs. It’s all on TV. Buying houses, fixing houses, baking cakes, buying wedding dresses, getting married, taking other to court, squabbling with family and friends, and much, much more. Get a life? No! You have a life. Live your life. Be HereNow!


Does this mean you should never indulge in TV or movies? Depends on how much you want to live. Depends on whether you are where you want to be. If you are really living your life, you have no need to be entertained. If you are being entertained, you have stepped out of your life. Not really, just stepped out of the driver seat, sitting on the hood or trunk watching others go by, and probably criticizing and judging.

Take a step back and have an objective look. Does it not seem odd that you actually sit staring at a panel on the wall?

Life is HereNow. Power is HereNow. You judge yourself and your life as a function of not here and now. And you judge your life lacking. Boring. Uneventful. You judge yourself inadequate and inferior. All a lie. All negative and the isn’t.

You perceive your life and self being not something or other which can only come from being in some time and place other than HereNow.

Most Americans don’t realize that a car can actually operate without accompanying music. No, the stereo system is not connected to the power train. Music, or a facsimile thereof, fills much of the time for millions when they are not catatonically staring at a screen. It is unthinkable for them to be alone with their own thoughts. Anything to escape from the power, responsibility and possibilities of HereNow. Perhaps they might have to think about where they are and how to get to where they would like to be. But that would require taking responsibility for their own life, which they have spent a lifetime avoiding.

When you step out of HereNow you open the door to complaining, pity, whining sadness, envy, jealousy, bitterness and all other negative and detrimental feelings, emotions and states. Negative states, feeling and emotions are always the result of being out of HereNow. Success, prosperity, growth and joy are a function of HereNow. They spring from appreciation and gratitude which are very HereNow.

Positive mental states are requisites for success. Appreciation and gratitude are the foundation of all positive mindsets and attitudes. Hence, the fountainhead for success, growth and prosperity. The destructive forces of worry, anxiety and fear are all about the not now, the future.

Worry, anxiety and fear cannot survive in HereNow. HereNow is the realm of appreciation, gratitude, joy, expansion, success and abundance. HereNow is the land of life.

HereNow and life, or the alternative. Your choice.

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