(Don’t Worry) Be Happy

When was the last time you walked into the kitchen and said ”no zebras here” or how about “no “Martians”? Probably never. Right?

Last night I thought that today I would simply post “Don’t worry, be happy”. Huh? Don’t worry? Not worry. Nonexistence of worry? Geez, I know better.

The mind thinks in pictures. And it cannot picture nonexistence. It has to do some mental gymnastics to approximate the concept and translate it into appropriate terms of existence. It takes the mind longer to grasp a simple negative statement than it does a positive one. It is a whole lot more productive to tell children to speak in a quiet voice than it is to tell them not to yell.

If I ask you to look at me and tell me what I am doing and you see me with a phone to my ear. You immediately get “talking on the phone”. If I ask you to come into my office and tell me what I am doing and the phone is on the desk undisturbed.  You might say sitting and looking about. Sitting and thinking. Sitting. You would not immediately say “not talking on the phone”.

If I hold out my hand and ask you what I have you would say “a hand”. If I first held out that same hand with five pennies in it, you would say “five pennies”. If I took one away you would then say “four pennies”. One more gone “three pennies”. Finally when I took away the last penny and I asked you what I had you would probably say “nothing”.  Nothing? Before that same “nothing” was a hand. And that is indeed what I have: a hand. And glorious it is to have a hand. Thank you, God!

It is the mind that creates negative in response to its expectations. The ego has certain expectations of reality and when reality is out of conformance then nonexistence is created. If you expect me to be on the phone when you come into my office you might be pleasantly surprised to find me “not on the phone”. My condition in reality did not match your expectation. If you expect or are used to seeing pennies in my hand, then when there is just a hand you see nothing or “no pennies” rather than a glorious hand.

Telling folks “Don’t worry, be happy” tends to encourage worry. I say don’t think of an elephant and an elephant comes to mind when elephants were the farthest thing from your mind. Saying “don’t worry, be happy” gives or reinforces the impression that worry is expected or normal. The happy song with that title has probably done more to spread worry than we will ever know.

The universe is absolutely, totally 100% positive. Reality is absolutely, totally 100% positive. The negative is ego generated and exists only in the mind of man. Success is a function of being in sync with the universe. In this way a positive outlook is conducive to success, prosperity, progress and happiness. And perceiving the negative is a detriment to the same. Abundance is a function of being in sync with the universe.

Observation is power. Judgment is weakness. What is is the way it really is.

Be happy!! Live, love, laugh, smile give, hope, dream, create, love, give, produce, invest, smile, love, encourage, laugh, APPRECIATE, give thanks always, rejoice, live, love, give, create, work, relax.

Be happy!!

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