The Meek Are Inheriting

 The meek shall inherit the earth? The meek shall inherit the earth. There is nothing meeker than accepting that what is is the way it really is. There is nothing more proud and arrogant than insisting that what isn’t, the negative, is part of the is. There is nothing more proud or arrogant than looking at the is and judging it lacking. There is nothing meeker than a positive outlook. A positive outlook observes and appreciates what is. The negative mindset tries to impose its ego created isn’t on the  is.  The proud insist that their creation of isn’t is part of the universe which is all that is and only all that is.

What could possibly more arrogant and proud that insisting that one’s perception of isn’t is part of the is. Absolute folly.  The absolute height of arrogance and conceit. In this way “poor” and unsuccessful people are or, at least, tend to be proud, arrogant and conceitful* despite any appearances or feints to the contrary.  And nobody will more stubbornly or more proudly cling to their negativity. While confidently ridiculing the very idea of a positive consciousness. While mighty titans are much meeker than you would think despite any barking or blustering ensuing from them. The meek do inherit the earth. The meek do not impose their negative outlook on the all positive universe, the great is, the totality of all that is.

Success is and is a function of being in sync with the universe, the great is. Failure is seeing the negative as part of the is. What is is the way it really is. Observation is power. Judgment it weakness.

Live, love laugh, create, produce, love, give, smile, rejoice, give, create, rejoice, produce, love, appreciate, give thanks always, relax, enjoy, live, love, give, produce, appreciate, give thanks, revel, revel, revel. Cast down and walk away from images of nothingness, nonexistence, the negative. As they are not part of reality, the universe, the is.

*I thought that “conceitful” was a word.  Was sure of it. Dictionaries tell me otherwise. Sure I’ve heard it. Sounds good to me. I think you all will clearly get it. So there it is.


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