Government of Negativity

Our economy is in danger of total collapse because of an ever increasing negativity and the policies and programs that ensue from that negativity. There is only one thing that could be responsible. And that is a negativity focus. Our only hope, and it is so simple, is to abandon the negativity and get back to the positive appreciative outlook that built this country. The only two choices are continued negativity with its continued hardship and decline toward eventual collapse. Or embracing the positive appreciative mindset of success and the successful which produces success, progress and prosperity.

Of course there is an upside to embracing the negative life approach. Politicians can continue to pander to and manipulate people who have come to believe that life is bad. Politicians can continue to offer the false hope of rescuing folks from life itself. Politicians can continue to increase their power over people’s lives. It truly is an ill wind that blows nobody any good. The negative spirit of fear and anti-life is the power seeker’s best friend. So what that the loser mind is encouraged and perpetuated among millions of people thus condemning them to lives of gray desperation, stagnation and dependence. All that really matters to those in power is that these deluded folks remain dependent and continue to vote for more.

The sky is the limit for those of a positive focus. The sky is the limit for those who come from appreciation and gratitude. The sky is the limit for those who realize the value and beauty of what is. The sky is the limit to those who see value and the possibilities, and cast down imaginations of no value.

We are pouring and have been pouring our treasure into the black hole of the negative. The negative is sucking up our fortune and our futures. It can be no other way. The negative has nothing to give in return. It is a destroyer. A negative focus is the way of failure. It is no other way. It is a positive and appreciative mindset that results in growth, success and progress. This is not in question. Positive outlook results in success and a negative mindset gets you nowhere. Appreciation and gratitude or whining, complaining.

For decades we have been indulging in an expanding negative consciousness. It is all about the not. NEGATIVE. NOT. It is clear that “not” is negative? All bout what people do not have. Do not have enough of, Are not able. The negative. The not.

We are under government of, by and for the negative. The arrogant negative who pass themselves off as bearers of light no less. Oh, the glories of democracy! So many who are positive in their own lives and successful for it, manage to be all in with the negative in the public arena. INSANITY!

The truth is that what is is the way it really is. To be realized, appreciated and celebrated. Having is real. Not having can only be perceived as a result of the ego’s judgment. A very radical notion. The fact and the truth is that the positive will lift you up and propel you forward. The negative will drag you down and eventually destroy you. Pouring treasure and energy into the not is suicidal.

Realize, appreciate, be grateful, rejoice and be glad. Always!

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