LIving in Our Ego’s Shadow

A man turns his back to the sun and sees the darkness of his shadow.  Yet even with his back to the sun he is bathed in brilliant sunshine from head to foot. And even the ground where his shadow falls is illuminated by the sun otherwise he could not see one blade of grass or pebble there.  When we turn our back to God’s goodness, as we all do, we then experience the darkness created by our own judgment. We are then left to live and move in the darkness created by our ego rather than God’s all goodness.  And still that is all there is: God’s goodness.  For the taking.  Just as the man’s shadow cannot obliterate the sun, our judgments and opinions can not obliterate God’s goodness.  Even as turning our back cause the sun to beat on our back, turning our back to God leaves us with His goodness beating on our back.  Our egos can only keep us from knowing and experiencing God’s goodness.

 The more intelligent and educated a person, the bigger the ego.  The bigger the ego the more difficult to accept a reality that exists independent of that ego and then the greater the tendency or urge to add to and take away from that reality.

Observation is power. Judgment is weakness. What is is the way it really is.

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