Vain Imaginations

Success is always a function of being in sync with the infinite and mighty universe.

The universe is totally and absolutely 100% positive. It can be no other way.

Many, if not most, of your perceptions are out of sync with the fundamental nature of the universe and therefore are an obstacle to your greater success, growth and happiness.

Most of your perceptions and, inescapably, the thoughts, emotions and actions that flow from those perceptions are out of harmony with reality. They just don’t mesh and, therefore, cannot work.

All of your efforts for a better life, more money, more health, more joy and more fulfilling relationships, are hampered by all your perceptions that are in opposition to the is-ness of reality.

Trying to hold positive thoughts on a foundation of misperceptions of reality? Good luck with that. If the perceptual foundation is true all your thoughts, emotions, actions will fall into place. If the foundation is out of sync everything else will just fall.

Get the foundation right.  Your basic perception of reality and the nature of your part of the universe is the foundation on which all else rests.

A man has a body that is 200 pounds overweight and in overall dreadful shape (negative perception). He can spend a lot of time and effort seeking a beautiful wardrobe (positive thoughts on top of negative perceptions) to cover his body, but try as he might there is only so much that he can do. People will not be fooled. Then there is the 22 year-old athlete (positive, in sync perceptions) who is going to look good no matter what he wears.

Your perceptions are either in sync with the universe or not. The more that your perceptions are in sync with the reality that is the universe, the more that your thoughts, your actions, your emotions-YOU-will be in agreement with, in sync, in partnership with the universe. In partnership with the universe!! How exciting is that!? How powerful and productive is that!?

How far and how high are you willing to soar? How positive are you willing to allow the universe to be? It is foolish to make a demand on life that exceeds your belief about it. Your life is only limited by your judgments. Only? Aye, there’s the rub. Humans are judging machines. The ego creates one thing and only one thing: the not. Existence has always been created. All that is left for the ego to create is nonexistence. Which it does with a vengeance. By the ego’s very nature it cannot accept a reality that exists independent of said ego. Totally unacceptable. The ego sees it as suicidal. So it continually creates the negative, the nonexistence of something or other. And what is is the way it really is. The universe is totally 100% positive. There is no negative in the Great Is that we call the universe. Only in the ego’s perception.

In this way most of your thoughts are out of sync with the universe, reality. In this was most of your thoughts stand in the way of greater prosperity, success, happiness and life. The more educated and sophisticated you are, the bigger the ego. The bigger the ego, the more it needs to create and all that is left is nonexistence. In this way more educated, sophisticated folks tend to experience the most angst, the most unhappiness, the most dissatisfaction. The more sophisticated, the greater the tendency to see problems of nonexistence: poverty, hardship lack.  Sure education is conducive to success. Success that is held back by ego-created nonexistence. And success that is not fully enjoyed due to ego-created perceptions of nonexistence. This is the reason that more sophisticated people take a more “progressive” political view. All about problems, negativity and ingratitude. A total focus on people not having, not being able, not doing, not being happy.

Realizing, appreciating, enjoying, celebrating what people do have and can do is foreign to these people. This is why the more educated and more sophisticated tend to support policies based on the negative. Such policies and programs based on the negative, nonappreciation and ingratitude are necessarily counterproductive and destructive. And are lead to economic struggle and eventual collapse.

What is is the way it really is. Observation is power. Judgment is weakness. Observation of the is leads to appreciation and gratitude. Appreciation and gratitude lead to a greater experience of the is. Wealth, health, power, energy, strength, ability, life and love IS. Judgment is always an ego-created nonexistence black hole. Your job is to cast down vain imaginations, images of no value. Get rid of them. Cast them down and walk away from them. You know better.

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