Being or Not Being, That is the Question

Somewhere in Manhattan there is a young woman who is upset, depressed, angry, disappointed because she is “not in London”. She was hoping that her boss would take her along with her and the boss left her behind. Everybody else between the Hudson and East Rivers is in New York. She is “not in London”. Funny thing is that anybody who passes her on the street or sees her at the office registers her as being in New York. Surely if you happened to see her you would also see that she is in NY. And of course she is in fact in New York.

 The young woman’s ego creates not in London and then reacts to that “reality”. Which reinforces and gives life to not in London. She will eventually come to be back in NYC in her consciousness but by then she will have lost time and energy and opportunity. That is, she will have lost a little bit of life. And once she is back to being in New York, she will soon find other nots to keep her from the here and now that is life. This is in no way an attempt to stereotype and ridicule the young women of Manhattan. The above is us. All of us in our own way and to varying degrees.

You are what you are. You are where you are. You have what you have. Your problem and your stumbling block is that you define yourself as what you are plus (or should that be minus) what you are not. All too often you define yourself, as in the above example, as where you are not. All too often you define yourself in terms of what you have not.

And the problem does not stop there. You look and judge others by what they do not have, what they are not. And your judgment perceptions based on what isn’t have the effect of dragging you and them down.

 If you listen to the news or to politicians just about all that you will hear is what people do not have. Don’t have this that or the other thing. Not enough money, not enough food, not the right food, not enough, opportunity, security, happiness, health. Not, not, not

 Fair and balanced it may be. But it is all a lie! What is is the way it really is. And folks are focused on what isnt to the point of mania. The stock in trade of politicians and media is what isn’t. That is how they get people agitated to give them their time, attention and support. Happy successful people are too busy living a full life and have no need for those who tell them that everything is awful and they must be given more control. Our economy is being sucked into the perception of the isnt. Our fortune and our future are being invested in the not. And the not has nothing to give in return. NOTHING.

Didnt used to be that way. It is a trend that has been accelerating over the past few years. Explains everything that has been happening in the national and world economies. Everything. Can be no other way. Positive is good and leads to success, progress, growth and happiness. Negative is counterproductive and results in failure and decline. Mend our ways before its too late.

 Worry and fear. Fear and worry. Aligning your thought, words and actions with the negative is failure. It is a drag on life. Yours and others. You align yourself with those negative forces and yet you somehow manage to think of yourself as all positive and light. You think there is something noble and moral about seeing the negative on behalf of others. You think it is kind, compassionate and enlightened. Gotcha! The negative is an insidious black hole that puts all those who dabble in it at risk. It is failure and stagnation, decline and death.

Our Manhattan girls lost a bit of life by perceiving that she was not in London rather than reveling in the reality of being (in New York) she chose to not be (in London). Who knows what opportunities passed her by while she was out of town in her consciousness. Who knows whether she will ever make up the lost time. Certainly not if she continues to take perceptual leaves of absence. Life and power are herenow. HereNow! HereNow! HereNow!

To be herenow or not. That is the question.

The positive is the way to success, progress and growth. Realization of what is. Appreciation and gratitude. Celebration and joy. What is is the way it really is. Observation is power, Judgment is weakness.

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