Micro Positive + Macro Negative = Good Luck With That

People wonder why all their positive thinking, affirmations, visualizations and such have yet to produce their dreams lives. Simple enough. You cannot expect the universe to deliver beyond your image of the universe. And you, positive thinker optimistic visualizer, see a universe full of hardship, misfortune, and lack. The deal is off!

Everybody who is trying to be more positive in their own lives has fundamentally negative notions about the world they inhabit. Good luck with that! Try visualizing and affirming “dry” as you jump into a very wet ocean. Not gonna happen. As it is in macro, so it is in micro.

If you continue to see the universe as less than 100% positive, you will struggle to be positive. Results will be paltry and hit or miss. You will continue to struggle between positive thoughts, images, feelings and their negative counterparts. Adhering to the positive takes discipline, focus and work. Why? Because you are trying to see positive in your life at the same time that you see so much negative in the world. Which one wins? Yep. Your image of the universe outweighs your image of you like an NFL linebacker does an ant. As long as you perceive negative in the world, negative will be more natural.

Judge not lest you live through the filter of your judgment. Your negative judgment is a mighty downward drag.

 So unnecessary. Just the mind’s hoax. The universe is absolutely, totally 100% positive. It can be no other way. This is not fantasy, airy-fairy theory or optimism. But cold, hard fact minus ego, minus opinion, minus judgment. Negativity exists nowhere in the universe. Only in the mind of man. Only a mental construct given a reality by accepting it and building life upon it. But still unreal, untrue, nonexistent.


There is a fundamental flaw in your understanding.

The universe is the totality of is. There is no “isn’t” in the “is”. You must get that.

All the hardship and poverty that the news media and self-serving politicians feed you 24/7 is a matter of the not. All a matter of ego-perceived nonexistence. It’s all about people not having, not being, not doing. You suck it up like a sponge. You know that negative consciousness on your own behalf is wrong, counterproductive and destructive. But somehow-somehow-it is okay and actually imperative to be negative on behalf of others. Appreciation and gratitude are the order of the day every day in your life. But pity and whining on behalf of others is the only way. Good luck with that contradiction.

 Having is real. Doing is real. Being is real. Not having is the negation or nonexistence of having and as such literally does not exist and is not real, not true.  Problems, hardships, misfortune are a matter of “not”. Not enough this, that or something else. Problems and hardships are the ego’s perceived negative.

 Negativity is as far away from enlightenment and power as you can get. Why is the positive valuable and powerful and the negative useless? Simple. The positive is. The negative is not. The negative has no mass, no energy, no power, no potential, no value. Nothing. Nothing is no thing. Of no value. Making it of value, making it real is your mind’s fundamental mistake. It’s building on a nonexistent foundation. Reacting to the “not” as though it were the “is” is the fundamental error.

 Seeing the “not” as real is your fundamental mistake. How can the “not” be part of the “is”? You are probably getting worse despite all your efforts. Americans have become more and more problem and hardship focused. Thanks to manipulative self-serving politicians and news media looking to fill expanded broadcast schedules. “Poor” once meant not having food or shelter. Then somebody decided that “poor” meant the “bottom” 20% no matter how much they have.  People have become so negative that they whine that those who don’t have as much as most others are “poor”. High priests of the negative now declare 99% as poor downtrodden victims! Negativity gone berserk.

This is why this country and the world have been experiencing so many crises and so much hardship. An ever-expanding negativity and darkness consciousness. Unless this is reversed, it is over the cliff. Don’t be the problem. Be the solution. Resist and reject those of problem and not consciousness.

Economy proceeds from consciousness. Problem awareness and hardship focus necessarily expands the experience of problems and hardship. If you are reading this, you almost certainly know that.

You can only be as successful as you are positive. You can only be as positive as you see the universe being positive. Do you see poverty and misfortune? Or blessings and opportunities to be appreciated? Appreciation and gratitude or whining and pity? Seeing the world as it really is or allowing your ego to create the “isn’t”? Once you really get that the “isn’t” isn’t, that the negative is negation and cannot exist, it’s game over. Simply cast down the images of no value that just keep popping up and attempting to derail you from the flow of the 100% positive and abundant universe. It is images of negation that keep getting in the way. That is all they are or can ever be. There is nothing more foolish than allowing made-up images to get in the way of your happiness and success. It truly is all good. There is only wealth, strength, vitality, ability. There is only light. Fact! Just let it flow.


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