No Room in the Is

God is and He is God of the is, not the isn’t. When you perceive the isn’t, you are off in your own creation. Or, in actuality, anti-creation. Isn’t-isn’t land. Nothing-nothing land. Something totally outside the universe. A land of no power and no life. In this way the positive is powerful, effective and productive. The positive actually is. It has energy. It has presence and being. It has power. The negative is a losing proposition. The winner comes from positive mindset. While the unsuccessful is of the negative.

Success always results from being in sync with the universe. Being in sync with truth, reality. Being in sync with the is. The universe. For that is the universe. The universe is all that is. All that is constitutes the universe. From the dust floating in front of your nose and the photons illuminating that dust to the galaxies. And everything in between. People, cars, boats, trees, flowers, rivers, oceans. Everything.

There is room for everything. Everything fits. Except for one thing. There is no isn’t in the is. None. No room.

Your problem, the source of all your problems, is your trying to make the isnt part of the is. Get this you must. You are in the flow of the mighty and infinitely abundant universe when you are in sync with the positive nature of that universe. Success, all success, is a function if being in sync with the universe. That is success. The first and last rule of success.

Most of your consciousness is at odds with the infinite universe. You are not nearly as positive as you think. You are riddled with a complex series of not. The insidious, deadly, toxic perceptions of not. THE NEGATIVE DOES NOT FIT. For the negative, the isnt there is no room in the is.

Your thoughts are the blocks of which your life is constructed. Tens of thousands a day. And the majority take the form of not. And not is not. Not is perception of nonexistence. Therefore, it has no power, no energy, no being, no value. So you are building the edifice of your life with nonexistent building blocks. Heaven help you. Its a wonder you are doing as well as you are.

Imagine what happens as you cast down and walk away from those images of no value!!


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