Ribbons Are A Health Hazard

I recently heard a man bragging that his industry was a major supporter of AIDS and breast cancer. Huh? And in a most self-righteous and sanctimonious manner. And no truer words spoken. Those in his industry do do their best. This is not the first time that I heard somebody declare that his group does more than its share to support AIDS or some other deadly disease. Do people even use their heads and think about what they are saying. But then they are usually speaking the truth whether they realize it or not.

This country actually has a breast cancer awareness month. Business, media, government do their best to spread increased consciousness of this horrible deadly disease. Professional athletes play in pink shoes and other bits of pink on their uniform. Not one would dare to object. Fountains all over the country are treated with dye so as to turn their jets of water pink.  Not a peep out of the greens.

One morning a year millions take part in some sort of pagan worship ritual in honor of their beloved disease. Mother’s Day breast c****r run. Makes them feel good. Better than going to church. Best of all it increases consciousness of that which should wither away. It is a perfect expression of their negative consciousness of worry and fear. And gives so much energy to you-know-what.

The entire rotten establishment doing its best to increase people’s awareness of and focus on death and destruction. So what else is new? The depravity. Let’s firmly fix images and ideas of disease and death in the minds of one and all. Vibrant health awareness month? Don’t hold your breath. We live in a culture increasingly negative and in love with darkness. Many men are outraged that they don’t get equal time. Why isn’t prostate cancer promoted with equal fervor? Oh, the injustice!

Forty years ago that prince of darkness Richard Nixon declared war on cancer. Since then it has become much more of a deadly menace .It is now the number two killer soon to be number one. No coincidence. We have spent billions and many more billions to make it so. Hooray for us! Battling against increases focus on and consciousness of. Talk about it, think about it, focus on it. Ad infinitum. You get what you resist as resistance increases consciousness. Unavoidably. It’s all about energy. And what you empower by giving it energy.

I recently saw a nurses’ aid sporting a top with ribbons for every imaginable cancer so identified in words. She was not to outdone by anybody promoting any single one. She was awesome in her self-righteousness. Appropriately enough the woman is a grim, dark and hateful as her grim attire.

Keep in mind that those who are battling their weight are constantly battling weight. One endless life-long battle. Losing a little then gaining more. And those who are intent on improving their health happen to lose weight. Focus, focus, focus. Resistance and struggle increase focus. Struggle against excess weight or appreciate and focus on health. Two different paradigms. Two different results.

The choice is appreciation and joy or resistance and struggle. Positive or negative. Light or darkness. Life or death. CHOOSE. Choose what you empower with your energy. And be consistent. You can play lip service to the positive life or you can live it. You will be known by the results.

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