Light and Progress or Negativity and Decline

We live in an increasingly negative world or rather increasingly negative culture. And you say of course, with so many problems and crises how else should people think. But, no, we live with increasing experiences of poverty, hardship and crises because people have become so much darker and more negative in their outlook. This is ironic because the benefits of a positive mindset are increasingly recognized and validated by research and experience. You have to get that a positive appreciative outlook is productive and conducive of success and growth while a negative focus is a formula for failure, stagnation and decline. Two worlds, two interrelated and warring worlds. Two worlds often within an individual.

 There are two basic paradigms. Positive consciousness that realizes and appreciate assets, blessings, opportunities and growth on the one hand and, on the other hand, negative consciousness that perceives problems then gets bogged down in resistance and struggle. Positive, light, blessings, joy. Negativity, problems, darkness, angst, struggle, hardship. Could the difference be starker or the choice simpler? It is imperative to choose life and light.

 The most ardent proponents of negative consciousness have managed to brand and market themselves as “progressive”. Nothing could be further from the truth. They are regressive in that they are dragging everybody backwards, dragging everybody down. Progressives are driven by the darkness of the negative. They are totally focused on and motivated by the negativity of not having and not being able. For then it is all about the not. And they are the dominant intellectual force in our society. Progressives are the very personification of negativity and the major drag on our culture and economy.  This has to stop. Those who realize and appreciate what they and others do have and can do are the true progressives as that mindset and dynamic is the genesis of growth and progress.

 Obama is the apotheosis of the poverty and hardship consciousness. He is not so much the problem as a symptom and result of the underlying problem which is an expanding poverty, lack and negativity mindset. He is unfortunately a perfect fit for the current America. Americans had a choice between a man who was all about success, wealth and abundance and a man who was totally about poverty, misfortune struggle and hardship. This was the essence of the last election. Americans rejected the former precisely because he was the personification of success and wealth. They elected Obama because of their affinity for the lack and negativity consciousness and their resentment for wealth and success. They resented the successful man precisely because he was successful. They held his success and achievement against him. They rejected him because if his success. Insanity itself!

The man of the poverty consciousness can only put forth policies and programs that are in tune with his mindset of poverty, suffering and lack. That is, his policies will produce more of the same. Poverty consciousness produces more of the same as like produces like. Your focus will create the object of its focus. Focus on poverty, by warring against it, and you will inevitably create an expanding experience of poverty. There is no greater focus than throwing billions and trillions at the object of one’s focus. That goes from focus to obsession. Maniacal obsession.

In the same manner, celebrate and honor wealth and you end up with expanding wealth. Appreciate and be grateful for wealth and wealth will increase. Vilify and punish wealth and the wealthy, then be prepared for less wealth and prosperity.

The only hope that we have to avert total economic collapse is to reject the poverty mindset and adopt a mindset of wealth and abundance. Our only hope is to consistently realize and appreciate wealth. Celebrate wealth and the production of wealth. Our only hope is to make a 180 degree turn.

What is so hard to understand about this? A positive, appreciative, grateful mindset is the foundation of growth and success. And happiness. Focusing on the not is the way of the loser. We are under the government of losers, or more accurately, those of the loser mentality. Our government is all about the not. As a result we are flushing our wealth and our future into the sewer of the negative. Warring against poverty is the ultimate focus on poverty. It can only and will only result in an expanding experience of poverty. Warring against poverty is destructive of a growing economy, prosperity and abundance.

It was not always like this and does not now have to be like this. There was time when government acted in the positive. It provided infrastructure and public safety. It did not encourage, enable or perpetuate the self-destructive poverty and self-pity mindset. People were expected to appreciate their blessings and get on with life. As a result we became the most prosperous society that ever existed. Over the past several decades, perhaps as a result of our great affluence, we have become the whiniest and most complaining society. Gratitude and appreciation are being forced out. As a result of this turn of consciousness we have been experiencing greater and greater problems and crises. There is one and only one explanation for this phenomenon: and increasingly negative mindset and shrinking national spirit.

The only hope is to reject negative perception and to turn from those politicians and other leaders who benefit by promulgating and exploiting the negativity of a whiny poverty/problem/lack consciousness. Those who are successful have become so because they have employed a positive and appreciating approach to life. Unfortunately many of them turn around and encourage an ethos of negativity. What intelligent person of good will could possibly think that encouraging and enabling people to think of themselves as poor and helpless is in any way a good thing. Success and growth are a function of realization and appreciation of what one does have and can do. There is no other way.

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